21.8.2007 – 20.5.2021

Sára is a dog without pedigree, saved from putting her down. I spent a big part of my life with her, she is great, merry and ready to play all the time. Sára is my second irish setter, the first one was foundling – she was mistreated. I found her in her age of 5 years and she lived till her 17 – what a beautiful age. Irish setter is a dog going out greatly with horses, she can go for a long walks and rides, she has happy and smily character and she is very outgoing and friendly to people.

JCH Altaj Sousedik

18.5. 2017

It is so hard to write this text. It hurts so much. One week ago my Altaj left me and crossed the rainbow bridge to dog heaven. Part of my heart left with him. His last run was an accidental chase of a cat. He was my dream dog, my sweetheart. He had the ability to turn the darkest day into the sunny one. Unfortunatelly, he had no luck. After the year of solving the issues connected to injury, when the solution was near, he left us unexpectedly. You will stay in our heart forever.

He won the Juniorclass: 8x CAJC, 3x JVDH, 4x BOJ, 3x BOS, BIS III
Landesjugendsierer Thüringen
Altaj fulfilled the conditions of German junior championship (DWZRV).
Junior Champion of Croatia. He is only 11 month old.
Puppy Class: international exhibition3x very promising 1, club show1x very promising 1
She has coursing and racing licence.