Litter A (2017)

May 18, 2017

Was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls.

Aprelka Lenel Slovakia / Raskor Kalinow


 Wine – Afanasy – Sold (Czech Republic)
Brown – Aron – Sold (Czech Republic)
Grey – Aladar – Sold (Czech Republic)
Green – Artem Edelen – Sold (Russia)
Blue – Altaj – Stays at home
Pink – Anfisa – Stays at home
Red – Agrafina – Sold (Czech Republic)
Yellow – Agnessa – Sold (Czech Republic)
Purple – Arieta – Sold (Slovakia)


     Prague Expo Dog Double Cacib 4.11.2017
Altaj Sousedík,  male baby class – very promising 1
Anfisa Sousedik,  male baby class – very promising 1
Judge: Krah-Heiermann Ingrid, D
My loves 🙂
Artem Edelen Sousedik – BISbaby 2
 First show in Russia of my beloved Artem Edelen Sousedik baby class Vp, CW, BISbaby 2!!!
Big congratulations Elena Glembotskay, I am very proud of you, it is a great work!
8 weeks:-)
7 weeks:-)
18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls.
 Red – Agrafina Sousedik
Pink – Anfisa Sousedik
Yellow – Agnessa Sousedik
Purple – Arieta Sousedik
Blue – Altaj Sousedik
Green – Artem Susedik
Brown – Aron Sousedik
Grey – Aladar Sousedik
Wine – Afanasy Sousedik
6 weeks:-)
4 girls:
5 boys:
5 weeks:-)
For beauty and performance!
We are already walking and looking at the world :))
18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls.
Red – Agrafina
Pink – Anfisa
Yellow – Agnessa
Purple – Arieta

Blue – Altaj
Green – Artem
Brown – Aron

Grey – Aladar
Wine – Afanasy
With big joy and pride we announce the birth of A litter. 18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls🙂
52nd day of pregnancy:-)
4.5.2017   I am looking forward very much:-)
With a great joy I would like to announce our first, A-litter, Aprelka Lenel Slovakia and Raskor Kalinow. We await puppies in the middle of the May.
Thank you so much, Robert and Silvia Kalinow Borzois. We are very happy to join our borzoi families.
Here is link to pedigree:
21st day after mating, it looks like we are expecting  6-7 puppies 🙂
Litter “A” sire  Raskor Kalinow.
Raskor Kalinow:
German Champion DWZRV
Champion for Beauty and Performance
Landesjugendsieger Baden-Kurpfalz 2011
Borzoiyear-Winner 2012
No. 1 German Coursing Toplist 2014
No. 2 German Coursing Toplist 2015
Verbandssieger 2016
Coursing Champion
Aprelka Lenel Slovakia
She has coursing and racing licence
She was 12th from 44 females at European Coursing Championship 2016 – she was the most successful Slovak Borzoi
multi CAC, res.CAC, res.CACIB, VDH, res. VDH
Champion of the performance and the beauty CZ 2016
waiting for Czech and Germany champions
Excelent on WDS Moscow 2016
DM Test result: N/N