Sára is a dog without pedigree, saved from putting her down. I spent a big part of my life with her, she is great, merry and ready to play all the time. Sára is my second irish setter, the first one was foundling - she was mistreated. I found her in her age of 5 years and she lived till her 17 - what a beautiful age. Irish setter is a dog going out greatly with horses, she can go for a long walks and rides, she has happy and smily character and she is very outgoing and friendly to people.
Irish setter, known also as a "red setter", is a hunting and family breed. It was bred in 19th century from continental spaniel, english setter and pointer. The irish red-white setter is considered to be the older version of the breed. Nowadays irish setter was bred in Ireland, probably as mix of red-white setter and unknown red dog. From the point of view of blood sports, the training of the setter is not so easy and that is the reason, why this breed is not so spread. Despite of it, it is a great hunting dog with a very good smell, perfect working abilities, endurance, temperament and neverending will to work. It is popular for its playfull nature, kindness and loyality among owners. It is nor an agressive breed, on the contrary it is very gentle, friendly and trusty. But setters are very active and demand a lot of movement. All kind of movement are ok for them, from swimming to mountain tracks.