C.I.B.P., C.I.B., CZ CH, CZ GR CH, ČMKU CH, KCHaPB CH, DE CH (VDH), SK CH Aprelka Lenel Slovakia

21. 11. 2013 

Aprelka was born in kennel Lenel Slovakia belonging to Lenka Hůževková and she is daughter of very succesful parents, Brasletka Mraja andJeronimo Primus z Bilmy. She comes from litter of 5 very beautiful puppies. One sister lives in Italy, the second one in Czech republick and two sibling ale living in the kennel - both are very succesful on shows. Her brother Agent C. Lenel Slovakia - CH SK, BOB, CACIB, res.CACIB, 5xCAC, 2x res.CAC a Ava Alexeievna Lenel Slovakia - CH SK, 5xCAC, 3x res.CACIB, 3x res.CAC, BOS, Winner of Slovakia 2016

Borzoi generally usually have very nice character, they are calm, friendly and steady, devoted to their master and tolerant to children. Aprelka is merry and playful, but when she is not in the mood and she doesn´t want to be bothered, she just walks away to another room. In one word - aristocrat. She is very self-dependent, especially outdoors, because borzois were breeded to make their own decisions during the hunt. Aprelka sleeps a lot, and than she wants activity, but she does´nt need to walk for many kilometres like some other breeds do. Borzois are sprinters, not endurance runners. They are very inteligent and quick at learning. It is not a breed for anyone, who wants 100% obedience, it is not a german shepard. They cannot deny their hunters heart. Especially, when you have at home also irish seter, it is a recipe for "fun" outside.


She has coursing and racing licence.


Best results:

multi CAC, res.CAC, CACIB, res.CACIB, VDH, res. VDH, BOS, BOB, BIG, BIG 2, BIS 3, BIS 2, BIS.

Czech champion

Czech Grand Champion

ČMKU CZ champions

Germany champions (VDH)

Club Champion - KCHaPB

Slovakia champions

Champion of the performance and the beauty CZ 2016




Landessieger Thüringen

Excelent on WDS Moscow 2016

Champion of the beauty and performance D 2018

Duasl Winner Donaueschingen 2018 - (Schow &Coursing)

Ex 1, best working - WDS Amsterdam 2018

Central-European Sighthound Show 2018, BOB, Central-European Winner 2018, BIG, BEST IN SHOW!

Winner of the 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show 2018

European Dog Show 2018  -  CWC (CAC)

CACIB Mladá Boleslav 2019 - CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED, BIG II & CRUFT´S qualification 2020

Czech Borzoi Club Show KCHaPB 2019 - CAC, best female, BOB

3x CACIB Bratislava 2019 - 3xCAC, 3xCACIB, 2x BOS, 1xBEST OF BREED & CRUFT´S qualification 2020



She was 12th from 44 females at European Coursing Championship 2016 - she was the most successful Slovak Borzoi

1st place Pojizerské derby CZ

2st place Grand Prix Lednice CZ

Champion of the beauty and performance CZ 2016

1st place, CACT Central European coursing derby SK 2016

2st place, CACIL, Res. CACT Snow Wind Cup Hrdoňov CZ 2017

2nd place - 1. DWZRV-Siegercoursing / Landessiegercoursing Trautskirchen D

1.place, CACT - new Champion of Bohemia 2018

1.place, CAC Tüttleben - Champion of the beauty and performance 2018

European Coursing Championship Danmark 2018 - 19th place.

Week after being in heat, one year after puppies and cut tendon with two difficult surgeries, it is very nice result.

1.place 🏁 Champion of Bohemia 2019



DM Test result: N/N








Brasletka Mraja                                                                                                             
Jeronimo Primus z Bilmy
Slovak Junior Champion AT JCh, SK JCh, PL JCH, CZ JC
East Junior Winner 2010 East Winner Junior 2010
Grand Prix Junior Winner 2010 Central Europe Winner Junior 2010
Cruft’s Qualification 2011 CH CZ, CH SK, CH PL, 6 x CACIB, 5 x BOB, BIG, BIS
  National Winner CZ, SK, PL, A


Aprel and siblings few days after born.