Anfisa Sousedik




The female is fully dented.

Canis therapy examination.

She has coursing and racing licence.


CZ JCH - Czech junior champion
CZ CH - Czech champion
CZ GR CH - Czech Grand Champion
RO CZ - Romania champion
Junior Benelux Vinner 2018
Central European Junior Winner 2018
Junior Winner of the 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show 2018
CRUFTS 2019 -  3th place
National winner


Borzois are nice in nature, calm, friendly and settled, dedicated to their master, child-tolerant. Fína is very cheerful and playful, it is our spy, everything eveywhere must be explored. Up to three years of age, they are a lot of action at home like any young dog, from three years at home they calm down and relax most of the time. Females are more independent, males are more mums-focused at home. Borzoi do not need to walk a long distance like other breeds. They're sprinters, not endurance! They are very intelligent and learn quickly. It is definitely not a breed suitable for owners who expect 100% obedience from the dog, it is not a wolfdog. Hunting nature is not really denying them. Especially, if you have a setter at home, it is just a lot of fun outside.

With Fina I traveled a total of 12 countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Denmark, England.


Anfisa passed an excellent Canistherapy exam, which verifies the psychological resistance of the dog, the dog must not show any aggressive reaction to anything, it is excluding. Anfisa was doing great with everything. Canistherapy is the name for the method of positive psychosocial and physiorehabilitational effect on the person, through a specially guided and trained dog.




6x CAJC,  2x JVDH, 6x JBOB, 4x CAC, res. CACIB, 2x CACIB, 2x BOS

Junior Benelux Vinner 2018

Junior Winner of the 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show 2018

2x CRUFTS 2019 nomination


CRUFTS 2019 - YEARLING BITCH - 3th place

National winner




 FCI European Lure Coursing Championship Estonsko 2019
JCH, CH Anfisa Sousedik has placed on a beautiful 12th place out of 39 running females with the overall assessment of 835 points.

Summer Wind Cup 2019 - 1st place CACT - 358 points (183 + 175) - And in the first round she got the most points from all sighthounds (100 dogs) .                      Beautiful hard trail course in the hill, 1000 m. Great!

CAC Kačice - CZ - 3th place



In 2019, I was lucky enough to participate on a making a Hollywood feature film, directed by Gil Kenan, with the girls Aprelka and Anfisa. The story is a fairy tale from Lapland, the film was shot in various parts of Europe, including the Czech Republic. The director specified a borzoi for the filming, and my girls passed the casting excellent. I also added Aron Sousedik, brother of Fína and three amazing girls from my friend Hanka. The shooting was preceded by several months of training, as the requirement was for 6 borzois to pull the sleigh just like the musher dogs. And I managed to teach our herd. On shooting, it seemed that it was their nature :-)) The borzois had to handle even demanding scenes in the studio, where they had to run with the hunters in a misty forest, with camera on a crane rode above them and the wooden floor moved under the trample of hunters. Aprelka led the whole pack and the group managed everything perfectly. Another challenging scene, with an open fire, my Fina liked very much. Next scene was shot with a neutral background, borzois at full speed, the camera on the crane in front of borzois, above them, aside as well. And another big test for borzois was scanning for animation. Dog was scanned in a dark room, it had to stay 1 m above the ground on the table and was not allowed to move. All around were the stands on each stand were several cameras and flashes in between. As soon as the dog was standing still, the owner left, so the sequence started and all the cameras were shooting at the same time. Aprelka did everything perfect and she was selected for further movement scans. And our amazing group managed everything again. It is not possible to publish any pictures from the shooting the movie yet. The film will be animated for more than a year, so it will hit theaters in 2021. I would like to thank Romana and Jitka for this amazing experience.

 It was a great fun and shortly after the filming we got another offer from Czech TV, where played both, Aprel and Fína in a new television miniseries about Barbora and Josef Němec. It was filmed at a beautiful castle in Opočno. The younger character of Božena Němcová will be played by Anna Kameníková, directed by Lenka Wimmerová.