Borzoi club show KCHaPB 25.11.2017

Altaj Sousedík, psi třída dorostu / male puppy class - very promising 1
Aprelka Lenel Slovakia, feny pracovní třída / working class - Ex 1
Judge: MVDr. František Šimek ( CZ )




Altaj, Afanasy, Anfisa Sousedik a Aprelka.




Prague Expo Dog Double Cacib 4.11.2017

Altaj Sousedík,  male baby class - very promising 1
Anfisa Sousedik,  male baby class - very promising 1
Judge: Krah-Heiermann Ingrid, D




 A litter - Aprelka Lenel Slovakia and Raskor Kalinow
18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls.

 Wine - Afanasy - Sold (Czech Republic)

Brown - Aron - Sold (Czech Republic)

Grey - Aladar - Sold (Czech Republic)

Green - Artem Edelen - Sold (Russia)

Blue - Altaj - Stays at home

Pink - Anfisa - Stays at home

Red - Agrafina - Sold (Czech Republic)

Yellow - AgnessaSold (Czech Republic)

Purple - Arieta - Sold (Slovakia)





Aron Sousedik

Another puppy left for his new home, far away Czech Republic. Good luck!





Agnessa went to her new home in Czech Republic. Good luck!




Agrafina went to her new home in Czech Republic. Good luck!





Artem Edelen Sousedik - BISbaby 2

 First show in Russia of my beloved Artem Edelen Sousedik baby class Vp, CW, BISbaby 2!!!
Big congratulations Elena Glembotskay, I am very proud of you, it is a great work! Many thanks to the owner for al the care. And wishing you many such succeses!



Aladar Sousedik

Another puppy left for his new home, far away Czech Republic. Good luck!




Artem Edelen Sousedik

First boy went to her new home in Russia (Kamchatka). Good luck!




Arieta Sousedik

First girl went to her new home in Slovakia. Good luck!




8 weeks:-)




7 weeks:-)

18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls.

 Red - Agrafina Sousedik - Spoken for
Pink - Anfisa Sousedik - Spoken for
Yellow - Agnessa Sousedik - Spoken for
Purple - Arieta Sousedik- Spoken for

Blue - Altaj Sousedik - Reserved
Green - Artem Susedik - Sold
Brown - Aron Sousedik - Available male for loving home
Grey - Aladar Sousedik - Available male for loving home
Wine - Afanasy Sousedik - Available male for loving home



6 weeks:-)

18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls.

Red - Agrafina Sousedik - Spoken for
Pink - Anfisa Sousedik - Spoken for
Yellow - Agnessa Sousedik - Spoken for
Purple - Arieta Sousedik- Spoken for

Blue - Altaj Sousedik - Reserved
Green - Artem Susedik - Reserved
Brown - Aron Sousedik - Available male for loving home
Grey - Aladar Sousedik - Available male for loving home
Wine - Afanasy Sousedik - Spoken for





Red - Agrafina
Pink - Anfisa
Yellow – Agnessa
Purple – Arieta

Blue – Altaj
Green – Artem
Brown – Áron

Grey – Aladár
Wine – Afanasy




5 weeks:-)
For beauty and performance!




We are already walking and looking at the world :))

18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls.

Red - Agrafina
Pink - Anfisa
Yellow – Agnessa
Purple – Arieta

Blue – Altaj
Green – Artem
Brown – Áron

Grey – Aladár
Wine – Afanasy




With big joy and pride we announce the birth of A litter. 18.5.2017 was born 9 puppies,5 boys and 4 girls:-)




52nd day of pregnancy:-)




4.5. 2017 I am looking forward very much:-) 




Finally we got it, Aprelka can enter the working class on shows!



21st day after mating, it looks like we are expecting  6-7 puppies :-)


With a great joy I would like to announce our first, A-litter, Aprelka Lenel Slovakia and Raskor Kalinow. We await puppies in the middle of the May. Thank you so much, Robert and Silvia Kalinow Borzois. We are very happy to join our borzoi families.
Here is link to pedigree:





Litter "A" sire  Raskor Kalinow.

Raskor Kalinow

German Champion DWZRV   
Champion for Beauty and Performance   
Landesjugendsieger Baden-Kurpfalz 2011    
Borzoiyear-Winner 2012   
No. 1 German Coursing Toplist 2014   
No. 2 German Coursing Toplist 2015
Verbandssieger 2016
Coursing Champion




Aprelka after only 4 races is actually the most successful slovakian borzoi at the COURSING.EU ranking:-)

Rank 9 in the breed and gender in international rankings of 130 females!



CACIL Season Opening Coursing, V4 CUP Alsonemedi (HU), 25.2.2017

1st place



CACIB Brno 4.2.2017 (CZ)

Ex 2 res.CAC, open class, Judge:  Kučerová Chrpová Veronika, Ing., Ph.D, CZ


Hrdoňov  (CZ) 2017

morning -17°,  Aprel together with Sára playing after race..:-))



Snow Wind Cup Hrdoňov  (CZ) 28.1.2017

2nd place CACIL, Res. CAT (7 females on the start)

Aprelka was 3rd after 1st lap, but in the 2nd lap she ran greatly and finally she was 2nd in big competition.



Sychrov (CZ) 2017

Aprelka with friends Dmitrij Reny Destiny Mraja, Bel Etual Baltazar and Achilles Karmazynowy Galop.



Sychrov (CZ) 2017

My photo serial of hunting - Aprelka Lenel Slovakia and Renata's boys: Dmitrij Reny Destiny Mraja, Bel Etual Baltazar. Falconer: Big thanks to Milan Straka for lending birds of prey and posing for the camera.




Internationale Rassehundeausstellung Messe Kassel (DE) 11.12. 2016

Ex 2, res. VDH, res. CAC, res. CACIB - open class, Judge: Andre van den Broek, NL



Central European coursing derby (SK) 12.11.2016

1st place, CACT, 5 females at the start



Sighthound Specialty Show (SK)  4.11.2016

Ex 2, res. CAC, open class, Judge: Grzegorz Weron, PL

Bonitation at Sighthound Specialty Show 4.11.2016, Aprelka Lenel Slovakia got breeding license, DM Test result: N/N Clear



Park Hvězda Praha (CZ) 2016

SOFA dog gang, Aprelka likes Jana's dogs so much :-))


Halloween Poland 23.10.2016

Aprelka after injury, so we're going just for fun :-))



Sighthound Specialty Show (CZ) 3.9.2016

Ex 3 - open class from 8 females, Judge: Dr. Anne Midgarden, USA



Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival (DE) 14.8.2016

Saturday - Ex, open class from 21 females, Judge: James Sillers / US
Sunday - Ex 2, res VDH, open class, junior class from 19 females, Judge: Gabriela Veiga / PT

Donauschingen Sighthound Festival is the biggest Dog Show in Germany. The quantity and quality of the dogs is comparable to the World Dog Show.

Doctor Who Izironk

Our first presentation on the show. We received very nice results:
Saturday - Ex 2, ResJgd-VDH, ResJgd-CAC, junior class from 10 dogs, Judge: James Sillers / US
Sunday - Ex 2, ResJgd-VDH, ResJgd-CAC, junior class from 9 dogs, Judge: Gabriela Veiga / PT



Mělník (CZ) 2016

Our best friends: Helenka's Arietta, Castiel and Doctor Who Izironk, Eowyn Borzkas Izironk.



Grand Prix CZ Lednice 3.7.2016

2nd place



World Dog Show 2016 Moscow  25.6.2016

excellent - open class - (25 females) Judge: MARINA OSTROVSKAYA (RUSSIA)

There is about 2100 km ahead us, similary like last year, when we went to Finland for European coursing championship. Car navigation says it will take about 24 hours - I have no idea, how bad the roads in Russia are. First part of the journey was 1400 km, Bratislava - Ludza, Latvia, where we stayed for the night. In the morning we plan to cross the borders to Russia. But in the morning, there was several-hours long queue there. We decided not to wait there and tried to go another 100 km to another boarder crossing. On one hand there were only three cars, but it still took us 3 hours. It is the same as during the times of communists, just the paperwork and stamps look different. So our plan about reaching Moscow on Friday and having a time to walk around the city and have a food dissolved. Some of the roads in Russian remind you of tankodrom, but in the end we finally reached the highway. Oh, well, the highway... no stripes there, everybody drives, where he wants and how he wants, and the highest permitted speed is 80k/per hour. Oh great - 700 km in 80 km/hour was exhausting. Around midnight we finally reached our destination and in the morning - hooray to the show halls! They were luckily enough quite near from our sleeping place.
Organization was perfect. No waiting anywhere in the showgrounds and everything was very beautiful, fully air conditioned, so you are ok, while outside there is terribly hot. International showground Krokus Expo is one of the newest and the most modern show-halls in the world. Inner place is about 701 800 m2, 3 pavilions with 19 show-halls inside of them, restaurants and caffes with capacity for 9500 sitting people. Parking capacity 35 000 places.
There was really lot to watch at the show. 132 borzoi, a movie camera in every ring and you can watch the show on-line. Aprelka was very tired after the travel, but she showed herself very well. The second day we went to the center of Moscow. I wanted the picture with two of us on the Red square, but it was extremely hot and we ended up in the park with the fountain. So we were on many photos anyway, everybody wanted to have a photo of borzoi taking a bath in the park. The next day we went our long way home. We also had to wait at the borders, but not for so long. Anyway, we have a lot of exciting experiences!!!
More photos you can see here:
On the road:-)



FCI European Coursing Championship 2016 /ME Veľké Pole (SK) 18.06.2016
Aprelka Lenel Slovakia has placed on a beautiful 12th place out of 44 running females with the overall assessment of 506 points.
It was also the most successful Slovak Borzoi at Championship 2016. Considering that it was 4th coursing in her life and Aprelka is still collecting experience, is it an amazing result. I love her so much!!!



National dog show Klatovy (CZ) 12.6.2016

Ex 1, CAC open class, Judge: Renard Pierre, F



Champion of the beauty and performance (CZ)  8.5.2016

Ex 1, CAC - Borzoi club show, open class 8.5.2016

1st place Pojizerské derby CZ 7.5. 2016



Lorch (D) 23.4.2016

4th place, in 1st lap white jacket, in 2nd lap black jacket (5 females)



Spring 2016



Krutej coursing Krutěnice (CZ)

4th place from 7 borzois



Ještěd (CZ) 2016



CACIB Nürnberg (DE) 9.1.2016

Ex1, VDH, res. CAC, open class - (7 females) Judge: Hans-Joachim Dux / DE



Models 2015




Mělník (CZ) 2015

Our favorite place, with the best friends Helenka's Arietta, Castiel and Doctor Who Izironk.



DUO CACIB Praha (CZ) 31.10.2015

Ex 1, CAC, res. CACIB, Intermediate class Judge: Grunheid Jean-Louis, F



Mělník (CZ)

Aprelka with sister, Rory will stay with us for longer time, so they have enough time to play :-))



Sachsenheim (DE) 11.10.2015

5th place, Our first race on the oval, and outright in the competition of 5 females. Aprelka (yellow jacket) ran in the first place from the beginning, unfortunatelly in the third curve she was intimidated by barking of the female behind her and she let the other dogs go before her. But never mind, we are still gaining experiences.



Mělník (CZ) 2015

Aprelka loves Castiel :-)




Mistrovství Čech Ptýrov (CZ) 12.-13.9. 2015

5th place 8 females on the start, our 1st coursing, in this competition of experienced females it is a beautiful placement.

In the 2nd lap she was running with Dusha Ochotnika Mraja which was the 1st on European coursing 2014 :-)



Kaskády (SK) 2015

Water game :-)



Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival (DE) 2.8.2015

Saturday - EX1, VDH, res.CAC in Intermediate class Judge: Linda Worthy / GB, F
Sunday - Ex 4 Judge: Barbara Ruth Smith / USA, S

Our 1st show - Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival, the biggest Sighthound dog festival in Germany:-)



Čestochová Polsko 2015

We visited our friends Agata and Dariusz. 



FCI European Championship 6.-7.6.2015
The travel was long and exhausting, 21 hours from Prague to Tallin plus 2,5 hours ferry, but it totally worth it. We have a lot of great experiences. Katarína carred for us all like we were her own children, she offered us food and anything whenever it was needed, just like for her children!! Our Czechoslovak team traveled together and other members joined during the trip. This year, European championship took place in Finland, on the racing place near Helsinki. 588 sighthound from all over the Europe attended this sighthoung festival. Unfortunatelly number og dogs was smaller than previous ears, so there were only two race tracks. Aprelka is still only peaking into this world, but next year in Slovakia we plan to run!
This year Czech group was lucky to get one title, which got Zdeněk Barák with italian sighthound female, two third places for Ilona Dubnová with wolfhound male and female, Eva Dufková kept her forth place from last year with Jarvisem - greyhound. And Jana Halenková got sixth place with Drak - podenco ibicenco. We dont have so many placements as other years, because we were only few there. Slovakian dogs got one third place, it was for Olga Dašková with borzoi Dogoni Menja Mraja and sixth place for Roman and Slávka Božikovi with whippet. And in the end we enjoyed a little holiday in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

More photos you can see here:On the road:-)



Camargue Francie 2015

It was fantastic holiday in a bird paradise in the delta-mouth of the river Rhona, bordering on the north with the town Arles.
The Camargue is home to more than 400 species of birds and has been identified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International. Its brine ponds provide one of the few European habitats for the greater flamingo. About 20 000 pairs of flamingos nest here every year. The marshes are also a prime habitat for many species of insects, notably (and notoriously) some of the most ferocious mosquitos to be found anywhere in France. Camargue horses (Camarguais) roam the extensive marshlands, along with Camargue cattle.
The native flora of the Camargue have adapted to the saline conditions. Sea lavender and glasswort flourish, along with tamarisks and reeds.
More photos you can find here: On the road:-)

Our little photo-trip.
Every morning and evening I went to take a photos of birds and the rest of the time I enjoyed with the girls on the endless empty beaches, in one word - paradise. Our girls loved it, they like shallow pond, where you can easily run, sand dunes, long beaches. Even after several hours it was impossible to get Sára out of the sea.



Mělník (CZ)

Aprelka and Taruška :-)




Tatra's (SK) 2015

Winter holiday, girls like snow so much :-))

More photo: On the road:-)




Our girls as a models :-))



Halloween Poland 2014

1st training, Aprelka was great :-))



Mělník (CZ) 2014

Big game with Evka's Greyhound pack :-)



Untersiebenbrunn 2014

Preparation for the license.



Praha (CZ) 2014

Atelier photo-shooting with sister Rory - Aurora Lenel Slovakia




Lysá nad Labem (CZ) 2014

Training :-))



Mělník (CZ)

Game with Lakouš and Kenzo.



Lúky (SK)

Visit of the siblings was fine, Aprelka, Agent C. Lenel Slovakia a Ava Alexeievna Lenel Slovakia... :-)



Mělník (CZ)

Preparation for the racing carrier :-)) "Rabbit" is the best toy. Sára shows to Aprel how to play in water :-)



Bratislava (SK)

Friends visit in Slovakia, Aprelka with Badarko likes water so much :-)



Chorvatsko 2014

Girls like sea so much, but they don't understand why the water is salty :-)

More photos: Na cestách:-)



Mělník (CZ) 2014

Girls love water :-))



Praha (CZ)

1st walk arround Prague



11.5.2014 Chlumec (CZ)

Aprelka 1st time on the coursing :-)




Lúky (SK) 2013

And that's how it all started, our little girl waiting for us :-))