Markéta Sousedíková

I always knew, that one day I will have a sighthound, but for a long time I dedicated myself to horses. Because the breed, which naturaly belong to horses, are rather hunting breeds, in my case it was an Irish seter. It could easily cope with hard training among the horses, which could be problem for a sprinter-type dog as sighthound.  I rode activelly for more than a 20 years, I regularly attended show-jumping and dressage contests and I raised three foals. Several years ago I unfortunatelly broke one vertebrae and I had to sell all my horses. At that time little beauty, Aprelka, entered my life by chance. Aprelka exceeded all my expectations and I am very have that I have her. I would never change sighthound for a horse anymore :-) Now I apply my knowledge from horse breeding and training to a training and raising dogs.
I plan litters only in the case I would like to add another member to our pack. I always prefer beauty and performance because the sighthound was bred for hunting and as a jewel on royal courts. My goal is to raise puppies with a great character for show and also sporting. Than it will depend on the new owners, whether they will plan to sport, show or just have a new friend for walks and cuddling. :-)




You can find the interview and an article about the breed in the magazine Esprit 7.2.2018




bears a name of my grandfather. Josef Sousedík lived in the first half of 20th century. He was visionary and a manufacturer with a strong social conscience, honest municipal politician and real partiot, who was adored by good people and feared by the dictators. He was persecuted, hated by comunists and executed by nazis. His name was planned to be forgotten forever. He was very important Czech electrotechnic ingineer and inventor with many Czechoslovak and world patents. He founded famous electrotechnical factory in Vsetín, he was succesfull businessman, wel known and trusted local politician and humanist. Press of that days often called him "Edison from Moravia" and whole Europe envied us his skills. First Czech president T.G.Masaryk called him his friend and famous shoe-manufacturer Tomáš Baťa gave him his personal plane and started to build a railroad from Zlín to Vsetín for him. British and American scientist wanted to work with him. Siemens offered him a great fortune to make him stop ingineering his electric motors. But he refused all those proposals, because he was big partiot and he belived in "his Czechoslovakia". Communists wanted to burry his name, but he was not forgotten and he got a Medal for bravery from the Prezident of the Czech republic himself - it was given to him in memoriam.